Small to Medium Investors can trade the Highly Profitable Nifty Call and Put Options by subscribing Our Live SMS Tips Services for Rs.2,000 p.m. And you don’t need to pay us again until and unless you are able to Earn 75% Returns on Investment (ROI).

Traders develops the “Fear to lose” once we enter a Nifty Call or Put trade. Once this Fear turns into Panic, we make hasty and untimely Exits. This Fear is directly proportional to the Amount of Money we invest. You can reduce it by reducing your capital but not the income.

Invest only the amount which you are willing Lose and risk it all. It also removes the untimely stop loss cuts which destroys good trades because of 5-10 points. Furthermore, it will save you from the trade stress.

Almost every Nifty Options traders quit trading after changing series of Tip providers and ends up losing all your whole hard earned money. Obviously, it’s your fault. Nifty Options Trading requires a few more important things to know rather than just “Buy Calls at Bull market” and “Buy Puts at Bear market.” You often find Tips from the Service Provider contradictory to your market view. It creates havoc in your mind and make you confused.

We will let you Earn the Profit potential of the lesser investment the same as the bigger one and make you Learn it practically. We use 5 Technical Indicators that delivers 90-98% Accuracy on Intra day Nifty Options trades. We developed them specially for Nifty Options Trade using our 10 years old online trading experience and long term survival expertise.

Our Clients includes MNC Executives and Occasional traders who like to earn some side income, New and regular traders who like to become Professional Nifty Option Traders. With us, you just need 4 days in a month to earn 75% – 100% Profit per month (ROI) and get the chance to learn and use our technical tools and trading strategies through emails or Forum Feeds to our Shared Google Drive  and Dropbox anytime or anywhere conveniently.

Keep checking and start using the additional features we are adding on the website. All the remaining enhancements will be totally completed and ready to use by Monday, 6th of April, 2015. We will email your Account username and passcode on the same day.