Small to Medium Capital Investors can do the Highly Profitable Nifty Call & Puts Options Trading by learning & following the Tips and Tricks from us. Nifty option is such a product which can earn you Rs.5,000/- on the same day in a single trade by investing Rs.10,000/- only. This investment carries a maximum risk of Rs.2,500/- or less according to your stop-loss trigger level. Option trading requires only 1/10th of the usual capital which you need to do the traditional way of stock trading. And Nifty Options trade can even earn more profit when the market goes down. The table below will give you an idea on why you should trade options:-




Reward (Intra-Day)

Stocks ( 5% stop loss) Rs.1,00,000 Rs.5,000 Rs.5,000 (5% Profit Margin)
Options (25% stop loss) Rs.10,000 Rs.2,500 Rs.5,000(50% Profit Margin)

Market Experts and Tip providers uses data and information collected from different resources. They analyse and calculate to predict the market and generate the trade signals. We show you those resources and train you to analyse and calculate like them through our Practical Crash Course on Trading Nifty Calls and Put Options. Nifty Options Trading can be learned effectively only by real trades with proper Guide. The Practical Crash Course Kit contains 1) A 30 Pages e-book which teaches you to apply the most lucrative trading strategies of Nifty Options using real time market prices of Nifty Calls and Puts. You can start a trade immediately with us after reading it. It will teach and show you the Data, Charts and technical Indicators that determines the market trend. You will learn to Enter trade at the right time with the best priced option with a calculated risk and reward. 2) 4 Excel sheets containing Links & Fetched Data Applications with Buy and Sell signal. It has Calculated Nifty’s next target, Support and Resistance Levels, Chosen 4 Low Premium & Highly Lucrative Nifty Call and Put Options, Risk: Reward, Market Entry, Stop-Loss and Sell Triggers. It will also teach and show you how they are calculated. 3) One 95% Accurate Fully Connected & Hands-on Live Tip using our Private Twitter Page guiding you throughout the whole trade. We are giving you an offer to EARN & LEARN by LIVE TRADING WITH US.

Nifty Calls and Puts Options Prices are always volatile and changes in seconds making you Gain or Lose. Since it’s your money on Stake, you better LEARN to trade and make the calls to Buy and Sell Yourself. We will teach you the Secret of Nifty Options Trading with Profitable Live Trades Connecting with Us Directly until you can carry the trade alone. We will make you earn a Steady Income of Rs.15000-20000 per month by investing Rs.15000 with a risk of Rs.5000. Investment = Rs.15000; Risk = Rs.5000; Monthly Income = Rs.15000-20000.

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