Small to Medium Investors can trade the Highly Profitable Nifty Call & Put Options by subscribing to our Live Nifty Calls and Puts Option SMS Tips for Rs.2,000 a month. With us, you can earn an average monthly income of Rs.15,000-Rs.20,000 by investing Rs.20,000 and follow our Buy, Stop-Loss and Target SMS. We use highly accurate technical indicators specifically designed and developed for intraday trading of Nifty Calls and Puts Option.

We provide: 1) 98% Accurate 3-4 Live SMS Tips with Full guidance throughout the whole trades. Multiple SMS, Google+ Docs, WhatsApp and Twitter are used to guide the whole trade session from Buy till Sell. We give you the chance to minimize the risk and maximize the reward by trailing stop loss and profit targets.

2) Live learning resources, technical analysis tools and information of the current market trend and speculated Nifty’s trading range for the day, Support and Resistance Levels Calculator, Nifty Call and Put Options Premium Calculator & Final Trade planning at Google Drive accessible by every subscribers.

Our service is not just about selling Tips but to make you trade Nifty Call and Put Options alongside us and learn the indicators to identify a trend, choose the best Call or Put to Buy and Sell it with less risk and more profit. Our technical tools are the simplest yet most accurate for choosing the Perfect Nifty Options Trades.

Learn these Secrets from us and you will also earn a Steady Income of Rs.15000 to Rs.20000 per month by investing Rs.20000 with a risk of Rs.5000.

Investment = Rs.20000; Risk = Rs.5000; Monthly Income = Rs.15000 -Rs.20000.

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